About Us

Michael Frazier custom builds every table

Michael Frazier Designs is a design + build furniture company dedicated to sustainability and creating timeless designs. Michael builds each piece by hand in his Sun Valley shop. He strives to make furniture and products that are beautiful in their simplicity with an acute awareness of materials and craft.

For over 30 years, Michael has made redwood furniture of his own design.  This is a furniture design/build company merging avant-garde design with a commitment to environmental sustainability. This is not a factory or assembly line. Every piece is custom designed for you, and built to fit your comfort and sized for your family or business.

Michael’s furniture has been sent to many countries, including the Royal Palace in Egypt & a castle in London! The furniture has been used in several motion pictures, including: “Kindergarten Cop,” “The Two Jakes” & “The Patriot”.  His products have been ordered directly by major motion picture studios and for their use on location shoots. Michael recently filled an entire studio lot with various sized eco-friendly redwood planters helping to get them ready for a grand opening.

Every year, new design concepts, shapes or pieces are added to the collection.  One Vermont woodworker magazine stated that Michael makes “the finest Redwood furniture available in the world.” Michael was awarded First Place in the Woodworking Category at the Fiesta Hermosa, Hermosa Beach, CA.

Now living in Hollywood, CA, Michael Frazier, Designer invents and designs beautiful one-of-a-kind items for almost anywhere for your location!


Forest Friendly

Our Redwood is farm grown, second or third-growth redwood acquired directly from California Cascade in Northern California. California Cascade contributes to the managing of the Redwood Forests and the planting of over 4.5 million new seedlings a year.

About Our Custom Finish

A very special oil, blended with Tung oil, is used to finish the table sets. Tung oil is pressed from seeds from the Chinese Tung or “China” Tree. We use this oil because it is organic, green and sustainable. Tung oil is an ideal “binder” or “vehicle”, carrying the resins and driers deep into the pores of the wood so that sealer and finish coats practically become part of the wood – drying into an armor-like yet beautiful surface.

Tung oil tree (Aleurites fordii), a deciduous shade tree native to China. It belongs to the Euphorbia Family (Euphorbiaceae) along with the candlenut tree (A molucanna), another species with seeds rich in unsaturated oils. For centuries tung oil has been used for paints and waterproof coatings, and as a component of caulk and mortar.

Other unsaturated plant oils, such as castor oil and linseed oil, take longer to dry and leave an oily residue until they soak into the wood surface. Tung oil ‘s ability to dry quickly and polymerize into a tough, satiny, waterproof coating has made it especially valuable in paints, varnishes, linoleum, oilcloth and printing inks.

Tung oil is the only finish that can be easily maintained as a beautiful, satin finish for decades, even outside in the sun. Michael has developed, over 3 years, a special blend of Tung Oil plus other organic non-toxic oils that works specifically for his redwood furniture to be easily maintained and yet keep the furniture beautiful.