How do the tables fold up?

This is Michael Frazier folding and unfolding a 2 person Dining Style set.Each set comes with “stands” for easy storage. You can see Michael placing pieces on the stand. Each custom size table folds with its own stand.

What is a sidebar?

Our new Side Bar Table raises and lowers to 4 different heights. 

It has three different leaves, so that it can be a bar size, a coffee table, a counter buffet, or a traditional height table for friends and family, and still fold up for storage.

Check out this fast demo in these videos showing how simple it is to fold with two people.


Are they custom made?

When we write and order at an art show or on the phone, we find out every detail that the customer wants built into their set and then we build exactly what the person wants.

They may want a Bar Height set or an enormous 16 person table with 6 umbrella holes. There are many, many options and each set is built after consultation with the buyer.

How long do they last?

Decades. Many of our customers have had their sets for 30 years. The photo below shows a gentleman with his two matching tables.  The table in the back is 25 years older than the front table!

Back table 25 years older than front table


How durable is the Tung Oil finish?

The Tung Oil finish is surprisingly durable. Tung Oil has incredible qualities. Michael has worked for the last three years to perfect the finish he uses.  Not only is this finish “green” and all organic but Michael’s blend of Tung Oil actually smells good!  Tung Oil does not crack or peel because it is an oil not a plastic or varnish. Tung oil does not need to be stripped off before adding another coat. The more Tung Oil is applied to the furniture, the more lustrous and beautiful the finish becomes. The Tung Oil finish waterproofs and conditions the redwood.

Tung Oil finish

Is it a good idea to build with redwood?

Redwood is the fastest growing crop tree in the United States, so it’s actually the best wood to use.Few other building materials display the combination of beauty, warmth, durability and versatility inherent in real redwood. Redwood is also an all natural, renewable resource.

The rich color of redwood is legendary. Every redwood board is unique, one-of-a-kind. Such distinction cannot be matched by man-made, alternative products. The beauty and warmth of real redwood speaks for itself.Redwood is inherently durable. Redwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay. Additionally, Redwood has excellent “dimensional stability,” which means that it shrinks and swells less than other woods when exposed to water. Wood acts like a sponge. When it absorbs moisture it swells and when it loses moisture it shrinks. Redwood has thinner cell walls which shrink and swell less than other woods. This means redwood is less likely to warp, split, cup or check.

Redwood supplies


How do they hold up in weather?

They are completely waterproofed with our pure Tung Oil finish. Of course, you will want to store your set in the winter if you live in an area of the country where there is a winter. Considering that they fold for storage in 3 minutes and only take about 18 inches of room to store, we suggest you put your set away in the off-season.

Also, in the desert of Phoenix and Tucson, you should not leave your set out when it’s not in use. The 120 degree heat and sun of the South West desert is too much. This is the advantage of a folding set.



What is a Sequoia Set?

We named this set “Sequoia” because that is the variety of redwood we use to build these sets; Sequoia Sempervirens (coastal redwood.)   Whole boards with a low gloss water-proof Tung Oil coating create a “cabin” look on the Sequoia Sets.

Sequoia Sets have low-gloss a “Natural Tung Oil” finish. This gives us a water-proof coating which is very easy to maintain.

This coating, or finish, also allows you to easily re-apply additional coats and this will keep your set in a state of constant improvement. Your set will actually look better at 5 years old than it did when it was new, with reasonable care. Care takes about 30 minutes every six months.